Welcome to the New Website!

    Welcome to the New Website!

    Dear All,

    We are delighted to welcome you to the new look Yusuf / Cat Stevens web site. Of course, we want this to become your primary resource for all things Yusuf / Cat, however, we’re actually after more than that! We hope that this site will become the central hub for a community of like minded spirits brought together by a mutual love and respect for the life and music of Yusuf / Cat Stevens. 

    In addition to all the latest news about appearances, tours and musical releases, this site will be used to share information about Yusuf’s charitable work and his spiritual quests. In time, we hope that it will become a place where we can all exchange information about our good deeds and the causes that are close to our hearts. We believe that together we can build a mutually supportive environment that is overflowing with great ideas and actions.

    RedRoom members will soon have access to the fan club only pages so please stay tuned. Don’t forget, 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the start of Yusuf / Cat’s career so there’s plenty planned for this year! Enjoy exploring all of the great content on this site.

    Love & Peace


    RedRoom Fan Club Manager