Armies and Banks

    Armies and Banks

    While Armies and Banks rule the world, I see little hope for a puffing Peace Train to arrive.

    Military strength should only be used in defence of human rights, so when it is commanded by economic and nationalistic self interest, we end up with what we have today, humanity surrounded and attacked on all sides.

    The right to life, freedom of religion, protection of privacy and property, equal protection under the law, access to knowledge and the freedom to speak the truth, all these basic rights are regularly trampled by powerful armies under the control of one guarded currency or another.

    Be it China, USA, Russia, United Kingdom, France, India, North Korea, Israel or Pakistan, all have the nuclear capacity to destroy all humanity with the flick of an apocalyptic switch.

    So I’ll keep singing and talking about it. May God save our humanity!


    Yusuf Islam August 19th, 2022