The World Premiere of Moonshadow

    The World Premiere of Moonshadow

    “In this world of Darkness, evil rules by night,
    but somewhere in the shadows … someone’s seeking light.”

    It now official that Moonshadow the Musical will make its World Premiere at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne, in May 2012.

    Weaving together the much loved songs and music of Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Moonshadow will take the audience on an incredible journey with a magical story of a young man and his moonshadow’s struggle against the oncoming of darkness. As the night planet prepares for the big blackout by the death of the Moon, the odd duo battle to overcome the hidden enemy, in search for the mythical land of the lost sun … and everlasting happiness.

    Yusuf explains where the musical began:

    “I Suppose the Musical, Moonshadow, began, in a way, back when I was a child – growing up in middle of London’s West-End. Apart from the bright lights, theatres and everything else that was going on, I remember looking out of my window at nightime, into the deep night sky and wondering… Where does the sky end?”

    Moonshadow is about themes that are both powerful and universal. It’s about hopes and dreams; greed and power; right and wrong; but most importantly Moonshadow is about happiness and love.

    Showcasing exciting new songs with Yusuf’s most famous and beloved classics from his expansive back catalogue, with hits around every corner, such as Father and Son, Wild World, Morning Has Broken, Matthew & Son and First Cut is the Deepest, this musical hopes to send audiences out happily singing the songs they know so well.