The war wages — while the flower testifies

    The war wages — while the flower testifies

    For the soul of nobody knows, how a flower grows – how does a flower grow?

    While war rages, a flower springs up and offers a message to the blood drenched world. Once I wrote a lyric about the secret of a simple flower. Amazed by its beauty and pure elegance, it seemed to stand as a testimony to the miracle of existence itself. How on earth does this little symbol of life sprout and grow? Science and physics do not answer the fundamental question of existence. Today, I happened to pick up a book which I read when I first embraced Islam (The Qur’an and You). It’s no wonder my heart was destined for Islam; the Qur’an talks precisely about this incredible phenomena, which we seem to pass by, so many thousands of times during our life, without a second thought about the power behind it. The next step, once you have understood and bowed down to the existence of the almighty Creator of the colours, atoms, galaxies and beauty in this Universe, is to know that any deviation from the path of truth and righteousness will have consequences. And so, the war wages — while the flower testifies. 

    “It is God who causes the seed-grain and the date-stone to split and sprout. He causes the living to issue from the dead, and He is the one to cause the dead to issue from the living: That is God, then how are ye deluded away from the truth? (Qur’an 6:96)

    The Quran says that people constantly see that the seed-grain or date-stone is first buried under the earth; neither the seed-grain nor the date-stone are possessed of any will or intelligence, nor is the earth—all these things are absolutely dead and inert; yet, after a few days, the hidden hand of some Unseen Power splits the seed in the bosom of the earth, and then, an excessively soft and delicate shoot grows out of it, and piercing through the hard layers of the earth, comes out on the surface to develop into a full-grown plant or tree, as the case may be. Now, let them ponder over it and ask themselves who makes the seed split and sprout under the earth, and by whose will does the tiny shoot, which is even more slender than a silken thread, force its way through it. Does it happen by itself? Does the seed-grain or the date-stone accomplish it all on its own? Can their common sense accept it? The Quran says, No! It all is the handiwork of an All-wise and Omnipotent Being, which is God. It is God who causes the seed-grain and the date-stone to split and sprout! And His Power and Authority does not manifest itself in this manner only in respect of the seed-grain or the date-stone, but there are so many other living things which Allah causes, in the same way, to issue forth from dead things and dead things to issue forth from living things. People witness all this: they see, for instance, the living bird emerging from the lifeless egg and inanimate articles coming out of animate beings. With such clear signs of God scattered so abundantly around them, why do they go astray?

    The holy Quran has, through this one sentence, set up the entire vastness and immensity of creation for our consideration. The seeing man beholds the sky; he observes the sun, the moon and the stars and experiences their light, heat or coldness as the case may be; he finds the solid earth under his feet, perceives its sprawling fields and orchards and eats the corn and fruit that are grown in them; he admires the lovely flowers springing up from its bosom and enjoys their fragrance; he avails himself of the thousand things it throws up and profits by their amazing properties and utility. Can he, after seeing, enjoying and experiencing all these things really be in doubt about the existence of their Creator? Unless his mind has become thoroughly perverted, can he seriously imagine that these things have become what they are by their own choice and volition or that it is the logic of a philosopher or the skill of a craftsman that has done the trick?

    On the earth are portents for those of assured faith, as also in your own selves. Will ye then not see? (51: 20-21)

    Apart from the signs of God that are scattered all over the earth and the skies, man himself is a vast wonder-house of Divine workmanship. Let him look into himself with a clean heart and an understanding mind and all his scepticism will disappear. Indeed, if man only reflected on his own existence, on his limbs and on the whole design of his life, there would be left no room for doubt or misgiving about the existence of God. Let him think who chiselled his features in the mother’s womb? Where from did the soul come into his body? Who made all the provisions of life for him? Who gave vision to his eyes, hearing to his ears and the sense of smell to his nose? Who gave his tongue and palate the power to perceive the taste of the things he eats and drinks? Who blessed him with the faculty of speech? Were all these favours done to him by his father or mother? Or, were the services of a physician acquired for furnishing him with his form and figure and powers and faculties? Or, again, did he function as his own creator? Evidently, none of these explanations is true. Still more absurd will it be for him to assume that he came into existence simply by fluke or as a matter of course. There must be someone who made him, and who can he be except the All-powerful God? All these favours have, surely, been bestowed upon man by no one save Allah.”

    The Qur’an and You 
    Muhammad Manzoor Nomani