The Day The World Gets Round

    The Day The World Gets Round

    Muslims the world over are making their way to Makkah, we will soon once again witness the single largest gathering of humans from all corners of the earth. Their goal? To follow the journey, struggle and example of Abraham, the patriarch of the monothestic religions.

    Malcolm X was asked what about Hajj had impressed him the most. He said: “The people of all races, colors, from all over the world coming together as one!” And it was on Mount Arafat, during Hajj, that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) declared the equality of all humankind.”

    I truly believe that a proper understanding of Islam and the universal values that link it to all the divine branches of faiths and peoples is vital to helping achieve a healthier and more spiritually tolerant world, allowing us all to share and strengthen the things we all hold in common.

    To this end, the Maqam Centre in London, which is being promoted by a charitable Foundation in my name, will soon become a focal point for promoting peace and understanding and the work of bridge building that I have been carrying out for many years. It is a unique initiative, taking a holistic approach to education, health, and spirituality. The Centre takes its name from the Station (Maqam) of Abraham, where pilgrims pray during the Hajj.