Roadster Interviews – Glen Scott

    Roadster Interviews – Glen Scott


    Glen Scott

    Keys, Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion

    Glen is a new face to the Roadsters and was introduced to the team by Kwame. Their paths crossed regularly on the London session circuit and while working together they  developed a strong friendship. As one of the most in-demand session musicians and musical arrangers around, Glen has found himself working with the likes of Mary J. Blige, The Backstreet Boys, Ron Sexsmith, James Blunt, Buika, and Eric Bibb.

    The son of a North London pastor, Glen’s early musical experiences came in the church. He was exposed to a range of instruments and quickly proved himself to be particularly adept on the Hammond organ and drums. The natural aptitude he showed for music was fuelled by an eclectic taste in music that ranged from The Beach Boys, Peter Gabriel, and Steely Dan through to Prince and Funkedelic. His passage into the world of professional music making came in his mid-late teens when he started working with a UK band called The Young Disciples. Shortly before his 18th birthday he was hired by Dr Robert to go on a tour of Japan and since then he hasn’t looked back.

    Glen speaks of his desire to serve music in all its forms. He sees it as a profound means of expression and communication that has the power to bring people together, something that is very much needed in the world.


    How did you come to be working with Yusuf / Cat?

    Apparently Yusuf’s son, Yoriyos, saw me playing at a gig and made contact. I’ve also worked on and off with Eric and Kwame for some 20 plus years.


    What’s your favourite Yusuf / Cat song to play?

    Tough question as he has composed so many brilliant songs. However, if i had to pick one it would be “Changes IV”.


    Who are your musical influences?

    I grew up playing gospel in my father’s church and this exposed me to many different genres and styles of music by default. Also, I have an extensive family of talented musicians who inspired and encouraged me.


    How long have you been making music / How did you start?

    I started playing music in my father’s church from the age of 9. I played drums first and then the Hammond organ.


    How would you describe yourself as a musician?

    Sensitive, versatile and very aware.


    What do you like to do away from music?

    I like to read, spend time with family in our cottage deep in the Scandinavian forests. I’m about health, fitness, and spiritual development.


    Describe a perfect Sunday?

    Mid-afternoon and evening with my mum and siblings for Sunday dinner.


    What’s it like working with Yusuf / Cat?

    Yusuf has an extensive, eclectic catalogue of great music that challenges your musical senses as a result of his genius. Whilst working with Cat you have to think outside of the normalities of popular music and get inside what you hear in order to grasp the feel and nuance of his songs.


    Do you have any other musical projects?

    I am producing 2 albums for recently grammy nominated traditional blues artist Eric Bibb for release in 2018.

    I have several developing and established Artist and projects on a small boutique record label that I own called Repute RecordsIn spring 2018 our first release will be an alternative Jazz,World project called Orcastratum and a Scandinavian singer songwriter by the name of Berg.


    What musical equipment do you use?

    A Nord Stage 76, Nord C2B organ and a Macbook pro running lots of native instruments sounds via Mainstage and logic. I also use a Fender P bass, Fender Jazz bass, Ampeg amplifications and Gretsch drums.


    Do you have a nice touring or recording story to share with the Yusuf / Cat fans?

    I cried when we played “Morning Has Broken” in Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch Gardens. I grew up singing that song at primary school and for me it was a bit of a full circle moment especially with 13,000 people singing along. Kwame and Eric saw me and they were profoundly amused at my expense.


    Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself with the fans.



    – Hallam Kite