Peace Train Sounding Louder!

Solar-well in Sindh, Pakistan

Feeding the elderly - Oldham, UK

Feeding the vunerable - Durban, South Africa

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Out on the edge of darkness their rides a Peacetrain!

We are at a moment in the human story where we must come together as a global family and embrace peace and sustainability. Peacetrain works with selected partners around the world, supporting people as they take responsibility for their own lives and the environment around them. We recognise that deep and lasting change cannot be achieved on empty stomachs and focus on delivering immediate essential food relief and self-sustainable initiatives, building solar-wells, children’s playgrounds, as well as peace-building. Peacetrain is here to ensure that we steam forwards together, across all divides, towards a destination of shared happiness.

Everyone jump upon the Peacetrain! Visit

Peacetrain is a Yusuf Islam Foundation Initiative under the patronage of Yusuf / Cat Stevens.