1 Million Thanks

1 Million Thanks

It is an honour and privilege to report that Yusuf has donated over 1,000,000 AUD of the proceeds from his 2017 ‘A Cat’s Attic: Peace Train Tour’ to charity. The money will be used to benefit a whole host of local and international causes.

November 22nd marks a year since the Peace Train steamed its way into the Perth Arena to commence the Aussie leg of the tour. Armed only with a message of peace and a pocket full of songs, Yusuf was greeted like a returning hero by his adoring fans. They sang their hearts out deep into the hazy antipodean night and for a brief moment it felt like the whole of the great southern land was of one will: to make this world a better place.

Such was the scene at all of the concerts across South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. People from all backgrounds and of every generation gathered together, bound by a love of both the music and the message, and rejoiced to the likes of ‘Moonshadow’, ‘Wild World’, and ‘Morning Has Broken’.

Yusuf is hugely grateful to all those who came out to support him and is delighted to be able to give back some of the love that he received.

I believe that concerts are positive opportunities to receive as well as to give back, making people happy is what I love to do.” – Yusuf

It is of great importance to Yusuf that a large portion of the money raised be used for local projects. Among the first to receive support will be drought-afflicted farmers through ‘Rural Aid Australia’, elderly citizens through the ‘Gallipoli Home Care Centre’, cancer sufferers through the ‘Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre’, with many more beneficiaries to be announced in the coming weeks.

As well as supporting these organisations, funds will also be channeled through Penny Appeal to launch a new initiative directed towards health, education and emergency relief that will bear the name of Yusuf’s timeless anthem of hope, ‘Peace Train’. Soon, a whole fleet of mini Peace Train buses and mobiles will speed out across the UK, South Africa, and Australia, as well as other regions across the globe, delivering hope and aide to some of the most vulnerable and in need.

Yusuf has shown us over the years what a true humanitarian he is, we are honoured to be working alongside such an inspirational figure. Peace Train will help bring communities together, through compassion and love, spreading peace and putting others first.” – Aamer Naeem (Global CEO, Penny Appeal)

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Paul Dainty whose production company, Dainty Productions Inc, organised such a glorious tour and who has shown unwavering support and enthusiasm for the charitable initiatives associated with the project.

But again, enormous thanks must go to the wonderful and committed fans who in buying their tickets for the concerts have helped to make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate.


-Team Yusuf / Cat Stevens