Sweet Scarlet

    Once she came into my room, feathered hat an’ all
    Wearing a warm wool shawl wrapped around her shoulders
    Two eyes like lights, milky marble whites looking up at me
    Looking for a way; Moons in an endless day
    All I knew was with her then, no couldn’t see the time
    As we drank down the wine to the last Sweet Scarlet
    How was I to wonder why or even question this?
    Underneath her kiss I was so unguarded
    Every bottle’s empty now and all those dreams are gone
    Ah, but the song carries on … so holy

    She was so much younger then; wild like the wind
    A gypsy with a grin from and old far away country
    But deep beneath her curls,
    Beneath this misty pearl, there was more to see
    She could move mountains in the dark, as silent as a knife
    She cut loose a life that she never, no never really wanted
    All those days are frozen now and all those scars are gone
    Ah, but the song carries on … so holy

    Come let us drink again, before the second show
    I want you so to know there’s no bridge between us
    All those gates have opened now,
    And through the light has shone
    Ah, but the song carries on … so holy