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    All Nights, All Days

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    Released May, 2023

    All Nights, All Days

    All nights, all days
    I keep waiting for the world to change
    Wintertime, summers too
    I keep hoping for something new

    If it don’t break it’ll burst
    If it’s not bad it’s worse
    If it don’t bleed, it really hurts!

    Bad storms or clear skies
    Those politicians keep telling lies
    Daylight, deep dark
    They steal hope from people’s hearts

    It’s not a sin, it’s the Law
    It’s rich tax the poor
    It’s never less, it’s always more!

    Sunset to dawn
    People love just’a doing wrong

    Do do do do do do

    One day now, things could change
    If people stopped behaving strange
    Smile at strangers, neighbours too
    Lock those leaders in London’s zoo!

    And if I had a dream come true
    It’s God’s Garden I’m looking to
    Somewhere in there is me and there’s you

    All nights and all days
    I keep praying for the real change

    Do do do do do do