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    The Story of Adam and the Creation

    Released July 10, 2014


    The purpose of this book is to reawaken the inert sense of faith and certainty within us. By looking back at the beginning of Creation and of the story of humanity, we discover the purpose of existence. All explained through the life of Adam and Eve. In this amazing narrative, passed down to us through the noble Books of Divine Wisdom, we find the solution to all our problems. The daily battles of good and evil we have with ourselves and with others can be won only with Divine help and knowledge. Maybe the chance of peace on this earth will be possible if we understand how all this began. If God wills.

    The Story of Adam (peace be upon him) is a concise account of the life of the first Man and Prophet, Adam (peace be upon him) written by Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens. Based on the verses of the Qurʼan and authentic sayings of the Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) this Book includes a spoken word CD read by Yusuf Islam and the song, There Is Peace.