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    A is for Allah

    Released June 11, 2007


    A wonderful window to the world of Islam with striking illustrations and color photographs. A is for Allah takes its title from a song written by Yusuf Islam to teach his first born child that the letter A stood first and foremost for Allah the Almighty and not, as is often taught, only for Apple.

    The philosophy of life which pervades western society, begins with the very first lesson a child learns in the classroom. The primal etching on the minds of such innocent beings and the attention teachers give to certain things has a long lasting influence on their perception of this world. Often it takes little or no account of the basic human desire: to know and learn to love our Creator.

    Through the framework of the Arabic alphabet, the reader – be they child or adult – is introduced or reminded about the fundamental aspects of Islam, from Allah the One, to Jannah the Garden of Paradise, through to the Quran, the Book of God, and Yawm ad- Deen, the Day of Judgement; all are elegantly presented in this fine book together with striking illustrations and color photographs.

    This book is for those who seek to teach their young that behind and beyond everything in this life and this world is Allah Most High.