A is for Allah takes its name from the title track written by Yusuf after the birth of his first child, and is the complete audio version of the book completed almost two decades later. Discovering the new spiritual horizons of Islam back in 1977, Yusuf’s life changed – and so too did his perspective. This epic work reflects that change away from the narrow confines of this world to the unbounded, everlasting presence of God and the Hereafter. Narrated by Yusuf and based on the 28 letter Arabic alphabet, this is an exciting double album that reaches new heights in education and entertainment. Bursting with rich sound effects and featuring the voices of Hamza Yusuf and Sheikh Muhammad Gibreel, with songs by Zain Bhikha, Raihan and Yusuf himself, A is for Allah is a must for every explorer of wisdom, young or old.

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