The Laughing Apple: GRAMMY Nominated

    The Laughing Apple: GRAMMY Nominated

    The announcement of the 60th Recording Academy’s GRAMMY Awards sees Yusuf / Cat Stevens receive his first ever nomination. The honour coincides with celebrations marking 50 years of his illustrious recording career. Yusuf’s wonderful new album, The Laughing Apple, has been nominated in the Best Folk Album category.

    The Laughing Apple reunites the team that worked on the classic Cat Stevens albums of the early 1970s. Alun Davies’s delicate guitar lines interweave with Yusuf’s own as timeless melodies are captured with intimate detail by veteran producer Paul Samwell-Smith. Songs such as “Blackness of the Night” and “Northern Wind”, that were written in the very earliest stages of Yusuf’s career and recorded with lavish musical arrangements, have been reworked and now have the stripped-down feel of the Tea For The Tillerman and Teaser And The Firecat albums. They’re joined by a number of new tracks such as the up-beat and infectious “See What Love Did To Me” that, similarly, fit with the acoustic sound and song-writing style that won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. 

    Yusuf is currently performing in Australia and will then take his critically acclaimed A Cat’s Attic: Peace Train Tour to New Zealand.

    Information on the tour dates and purchasing tickets can be found HERE.

    Information on purchasing The Laughing Apple can be found HERE