Harold & Maude Soundtrack Out Now!

    Harold & Maude Soundtrack Out Now!

    In celebration of Harold and Maude’s 50th anniversary, the film’s iconic soundtrack is now on general release for the first time ever! Director Hal Ashby had edited the film while listening to songs from Mona Bone Jakon and Tea for the Tillerman, and was convinced that his film should exclusively feature Cat Stevens material. After a significant campaign, he won Cat Stevens around. However, the soundtrack has never been properly released until now.

    Yusuf with his copy of the new release

    “I never allowed them to put out the soundtrack because it would have sounded like a collection of greatest hits and I felt like I was only at the start of my career. But I did write two songs for the film. I did the demos in San Francisco and I always meant to do them properly but no, Hal puts them straight into the film and that was it, locked away. I love those recordings now because they’re so raw.” Yusuf / Cat Stevens

    Harold and Maude is a black comedy-drama that gained cult status for its presentation of existentialist themes through a sophisticated and unusual humour that verges upon the absurd. Ultimately however, the film is a profound celebration of life. The story centres upon Harold (Bud Cort), a young man obsessed by death and unwilling to follow the path prescribed by his detached mother. Harold enters into a friendship turned romantic relationship with 79-year-old Maude (Ruth Gordon) whose irrepressible spirit liberates him from his physical and psychological constraints.

    Maude bringing excitement into Harold’s life

    Though the film made a limited impact with both audiences and critics upon its initial run in movie theatres, its undeniable brilliance eventually won out. Over the years and decades that followed its release Harold and Maude accumulated scores of passionate fans and has come to be recognised by audiences and critics alike as being among the most inventive, unusual and humorous movies of all time.

    Of course, essential to the movie’s charm is the glorious soundtrack. With inclusions such as ‘Trouble’, ‘I Think I See The Light’ and ‘If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out’ Cat Stevens’ ability to balance emotional depth and spiritual introspection with a joyous love of life could not suit the film’s themes more perfectly. Furthermore, the quirky and sometimes unexpected elements of his songwriting seem to mirror and enhance the nuances of the key characters. Indeed, the soundtrack is seen by fans as being so utterly integral to the experience of the film that Cat Stevens himself is almost considered an extra character.

    This new edition of the iconic soundtrack features the 9 original Cat Stevens songs alongside exclusive dialogue from the film for the first time. Available on 180g vinyl, CD and digital formats and featuring a sumptuous 36-page book that celebrates this true masterpiece.

    Harold and Maude 50th Anniversary Soundtrack: https://catstevens.lnk.to/HaroldMaude50