“God Bless London!” Eid in the Square Festival

    “God Bless London!” Eid in the Square Festival

    Yusuf made a special guest appearance at the Eid in the Square Festival hosted by the Mayor of London on July 2nd. The day was full of sunshine and smiles with people from all walks of life enjoying a host of culinary delights and music from around the Muslim world.

    “London is a roost for every of bird,” Yusuf said quoting Benjamin Disraeli and going on to share how Trafalgar Square was his playground, growing up. He went on to say, “Some people paint the world as Us vs The Other, but as you look around you see the reality that is not always reflected and that there’s incredibly diverse love and friendships that happen in this city.”

    He also touched upon the tragedy of the fire at Grenfell Tower and praise for how people reacted to it, “When something like the disaster of Grenfell fire happens it is something which hurts all of us. Charity, unity and widespread compassion is the outcome. It has brought out that amazing characteristic of British temperament and humanity.

    He ended with the prayer, “God bless London and all it’s people and helps us to keep our doors open for more friendships and love and peace.”

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