Glastonbury 2023

    Glastonbury 2023

    It was something of a dream, seeing 100,000 rapturous faces stood in front of me on that huge field at Glastonbury. The love and warmth I felt was heavenly, beyond anything I’d experienced in Britain before. Our hearts were joined together, in rhyme with the historic moment. Thank you, to everyone who shone their love that dazzling afternoon.” Yusuf

    Read the response from fans and critics, raving over Yusuf’s amazing performance on the Legendary Pyramid stage on Sunday, 25th June 2023. Watch the full set on the BBC iPlayer – Click here

    Backstage, Yusuf shared a special moment with Rami Malek, a genuine fan and a kind spirit

    Cat Stevens provided a soothing mid-afternoon balm to Glastonbury’s partied-out fans, as he played the festival’s coveted “legend slot”. The singer, also known as Yusuf, struck a chord with his spiritual songs of affection and the search for peace. BBC by Mark Savage

    When it comes down to pure songwriting chops, Stevens can compete with anyone on Worthy Farm. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out and Morning Has Broken, his version of the folk classic, are standards. And even the several new songs got the crowd dancing along happily. Evening Standard by Robbie Griffiths

    It helped that he had such a good band, but really it was about the depth of songs that, though from half a decade, Cat / Yusuf sang like he wrote them yesterday. “Lock all the leaders up in London Zoo,” he suggested as an antidote to war, before an impassioned Peace Train. It was a triumph. The Times by Will Hodgkinson

    His legends slot is an opportunity for Yusuf to remind the audience of just how many remarkable songs he was responsible for – not only the singer-songwriter material that made him a global superstar as the decades turned, but the smart, occasionally slightly strange pop that was his stock in trade prior to that. Guardian by Alex Petridis

    Of the recognisable hits, “Morning Has Broken” wetted a few cheeks, while the one-two closing punch of “Wild World” and “Father And Son” summed the whole thing up: it was good for an easy shimmy and very good for a little cry. It felt like core Glastonbury: good-natured, nostalgic, slightly political and enjoyed by all. I Newspaper by Kate Solomon

    Yusuf and his fantastic band (top l-r) Lucas Imbiriba, Stefan Fuhr, Valentin Pellet, Luke Smith, Ben Abarbanel-Wolff, Friedrich Milz (bottom l-r) Liz Lubega, Izzy Chase, Kwame Yeboah