Gibson Cat Stevens J-180 Collector’s Edition

    Gibson Cat Stevens J-180 Collector’s Edition

    With his long dark hair and beard, slender frame, and black Gibson J-180 Cat Stevens stood as the embodiment of the 1970s singer-songwriter, a modern troubadour on a quest for spiritual enlightenment through music. And it was on his J-180 that he wrote and recorded many of his most beloved hits including “Wild World,” “Peace Train,” “Father and Son,” and many more. Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop are paying tribute to that iconic guitar by releasing the Cat Stevens J-180 Collector’s Edition.

    “I really turned a corner when I got my hands on a black Gibson Everly Brothers J-180, it was my favourite guitar. I played it almost percussively, and that sound gave real character to my recordings. It looked amazing too!” Yusuf / Cat Stevens

    Bought in London’s famous Selmer’s Music Shop in 1969, Cat was initially drawn to the J-180’s elegant style, however, its percussive quality soon became an essential component of the intimate sound of his seminal albums ‘Mona Bone Jakon,’ ‘Tea For The Tillerman’ and ‘Teaser And The Firecat.’ At the end of the 1970s, Cat sold all of his musical equipment, including his J-180, with the proceeds going to charity. However, in the decades since he has been reunited with the original guitar.

    The Gibson Cat Stevens J-180 Collector’s Edition features a thermally aged Sitka spruce top, mother of pearl moon and star headstock and graduated star fretboard inlays, and an interior label hand-signed by Yusuf / Cat Stevens. Limited to only 50 units globally, a Certificate of Authenticity and a selection of patches, pins, and stickers inspired by the artist’s iconic artwork are included, along with a Cat Stevens hardshell case.

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