Critics Unite In Praise for An Other Cup

    An Other Cup has impressed critics the world over. Here are some of the press highlights…

    “The sound of the new Yusuf – wonderful lyrics, enchanting guitar”
    Bild AM Sonntag (Germany)

    “Full of hopeful flowery lyrics, gorgeous melodies and Bach-inspired orchestrations”
    Fox (USA)

    “A great comeback”
    Stern Magazine (Germany)

    “Little about this comeback album indicates that 28 years have passed since the Islamic convert formerly known as Cat Stevens retired from the musical mainstream. The folky arrangements, melancholic singing and romantic worldview of his early work are intact on songs like ‘In the End’ and the excellent ‘Midday’”
    Entertainment Weekly (USA)

    “Twenty-eight years is a long time between drinks, even if it’s only tea you’re sipping, but the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens still knows how to make a decent brew”
    Billboard (Worldwide)

    “An Other Cup proves that Yusuf still has what it takes to make good music”
    Daily Express (UK)

    “His first album in 30 years stays true to the candour that hallmarked the best music of his career”
    Daily Mirror (UK)

    “Forty-four minutes of welcome surprise”
    Guardian (UK)

    “Vintage Stevens”
    Los Angeles Times (USA)

    “The former Cat Stevens returns with a brilliant album”
    Sunday Express (UK)

    “From the unexpected edge of urban menace in ‘Midday (Avoid The City After Dark)’ to the funky undertow of I think I See The Light, this first new album is full of surprises”
    Sunday Telegraph (UK)

    “An album that stands in comparison with his 1970s peak”
    Sunday Times (UK)

    “Yusuf’s comeback album is as mild as a spring day, as free of controversy as it is of rock’n‘roll”
    The Times (UK)

    “Gorgeous melodies, shimmering arrangements and thoughtful vocals”
    Daily news (USA)