Calling Fathers & Sons…

    Calling Fathers & Sons…

    (UPDATE: Thank you for all your photos – we are no longer accepting entries.)

    We’re offering our antipodean fans a unique opportunity to make a mark at one of Yusuf’s forthcoming concerts Down Under.

    Father & Son is one of Yusuf’s most enduring and resonant songs – and we’re reaching out to all the fathers and sons who will be attending one of Yusuf’s concerts in Australia / New Zealand to offer you the once in a lifetime chance to be a part of the show.

    We’d love you to send in a photo of you with your father (or with your son), which we can project while the song is performed.

    The deadline is midnight on Friday May 28th (Melbourne time.)

    Please note the following:

    – Photos must be between 1000×1000 pixels and 2000×2000 pixels (minimum and maximum sizes respectively.)

    – You must make it clear in your email that you give permission for the image to be used at the concert – please remember to include details in your email of which concert you’ll be attending.

    – Please provide names of both the father and the son in the photo.

    – Photos will be used at our discretion and we cannot guarantee the use of all photos.