The Story of Adam and The Creation

The real meaning of humanity and the ultimate destiny of every human being relies on certain Truth. Knowledge of this precious kind can only be arrived at through unassailably correct sources of information. After the trauma of birth and negotiating how to walk on two legs, children, from the moment they learn to talk, naturally begin to ask big questions. Their hunger for information and knowledge knows no bounds, and there is good reason for that: they need to feel [Read More]

‘Alliance of Virtue (or Get Your Bags Together)’

As we screech round the corner of another New Year, the past disappears further away into obscurity and I am soberly having to grapple with the fact that many youngsters’ ears have never even heard the Beatles song, Yesterday. It’s an ominous sign of age creeping up and tapping you on the shoulder like a policeman halting you for driving too fast, dangling a rusty bucket in hand and reminding you of your own inescapable mortality. If that’s the case, [Read More]

Peace Notes

In the name of God, the Giver of Peace Belief, Love and Peace for All Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all live together on earth in Peace? Imagine, there’d be nobody stealing; nobody hurting or killing; no one shouting or swearing or calling names, people would love and look after each other. Wouldn’t that be like heaven on earth? Well. That’s exactly what the Last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent to teach us: how people, [Read More]

Avoiding Darkness

The song Midday (Avoid City After Dark) carries with it an important message, especially for young men and women living in the dark urban maze. Having gone through what most kids experience in that developmental age in the sub-gutters of Soho and the seedier side of the West End of London – and still remembering some of the scars – I realize much could be avoided if my mentors and goals were different. The pressure of social conformity is hard to escape with [Read More]

The Muslim Citizen in a Global Village

Why?  Why are Muslims presently being afflicted with trials, tribulations and disunity and how should the Muslim see him or herself in the Modern Global Village? Muslims vs The West? Although we still hear much talk about a conflict between the Muslims and the West, is it really a problem of Geographical polarisation? Considering millions of Muslims live in the West and millions of non-Muslims live in Muslim lands, the Global village has brought people much closer together, and so East [Read More]

Celebrating the Prophet (peace be upon him)

The Gift of Islam’s Peace & Light – Celebrating the Last of God’s Messengers Al Hamdulillah and peace and blessings of God be upon the Messenger – I thank those involved for the invitation to be at this blessed occasion. In a World where people are surrounded by darkness, ignorance and fear, it is a sign of hope to be celebrating Islam’s message of peace and light and the last great Messenger, who was born and chosen to deliver this [Read More]


What has happened to the Muslim Community since the Prophet Muhammad’s passing (peace be upon him) is anything but the message of unity, love and peace he delivered. Not entirely their fault because those who prosper by dividing mankind into collective groups, those who draw lines between people and families and then make deals with violent would-be-lords, presidents and dictators, must shoulder much of the blame also. After entering Islam through the study of the Qur’an, what shocked me was [Read More]

This Boat Called Near and Far

Say: It is only inspired in me that your God is One God. Will you then surrender (unto Him)! But if they turn their backs, then say: I have warned you all equally, though I know not whether near or far is that which you are promised. (21:108-109) Unaware and Unprepared Many go through life not knowing their final destination. Many would be confused by what they’ve been told or not told through their ancestral or religious affinity. However, for [Read More]

Music: A Question of Faith or Da’wah

Exploring the foundations and opinions of using music in light of the traditional Islamic teachings. This is the most recent material written by Yusuf Islam about this topic. Download PDF Document