Watch The Video for ‘He Was Alone’

“While the world faces incomprehensible numbers and statistics created by the refugee crisis the tragedy and story of a...

#YouAreNotAlone Charity Campaign

“I’ve just returned from a visit to southern Turkey and a camp on the Turkish/Syrian border in Gaziantep. People...

‪Where Do The Children Play?

“I know we’ve come a long way We’re changing day to day” Let’s hope big changes are made today...

Tea for the Tillerman 45th Anniversary!

Tea for the Tillerman was released 45 years ago today. The album was the 4th record by Yusuf / Cat Stevens....

A short break from the studio

A short break from the studio, where many tracks have been recorded and developed. Alun Davies accompanying on acoustic...

Happy 36th Anniversary!

“And if I find my hard-headed woman I know the rest of my life will be blessed” Happy 36th...

Back In The Studio

Back in the studio with the Tillerman team. Maybe an album or two…

A Song for Srebrenica Memorial Day

“The events at Srebrenica were a turning point in the course of the Bosnian war. It woke up the...

A Blessed and Happy Ramadan!

A blessed Ramadan for those observing the fasting and sacredness of this month

‘An Evening with Yusuf / Cat Stevens’

We are delighted to announce that ‘An Evening with Yusuf Islam’ on Friday 5th June went spectacularly well, the...


When a person weighs up everything, he will realise that something is missing. He will ask himself: 'What is the explanation for this life; what is the purpose of living?' This is where FAITH begins. He will realise that there must be some great mysterious power behind existence...

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