Tea for the Tillerman 45th Anniversary!

Tea for the Tillerman was released 45 years ago today. The album was the 4th record by Yusuf / Cat Stevens....

A short break from the studio

A short break from the studio, where many tracks have been recorded and developed. Alun Davies accompanying on acoustic...

Happy 36th Anniversary!

“And if I find my hard-headed woman I know the rest of my life will be blessed” Happy 36th...

Back In The Studio

Back in the studio with the Tillerman team. Maybe an album or two…

A Song for Srebrenica Memorial Day

“The events at Srebrenica were a turning point in the course of the Bosnian war. It woke up the...

A Blessed and Happy Ramadan!

A blessed Ramadan for those observing the fasting and sacredness of this month

‘An Evening with Yusuf / Cat Stevens’

We are delighted to announce that ‘An Evening with Yusuf Islam’ on Friday 5th June went spectacularly well, the...

Interview with Mosaic

“I was using my writing as a way to explore and question where I was in life… I think...

Yusuf Islam Foundation meets Prince Charles

My daughter Asmaa, who runs the Yusuf Islam Foundation met with Prince Charles on behalf of Mosaic Network. They...

Meeting Friend and Filmmaker U-Wei bin Haji Saari

Met with Malaysian Film Maker & friend U-Wei bin Haji Saari @ the screening of his film Hanayut


When a person weighs up everything, he will realise that something is missing. He will ask himself: 'What is the explanation for this life; what is the purpose of living?' This is where FAITH begins. He will realise that there must be some great mysterious power behind existence...

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