Man is weak and vulnerable; many unpredictable forces can affect him, obstructing his desires and goals. He becomes ill, he loses things, he gets hurt, he plans – and he often fails. As man looks at the scale of the universe around him – seas, mountains, the grandeur of the heavens and galaxies – he must consider his insignificance and weakness. At this point, unless he is extremely arrogant, he will begin to feel humble and helpless next to the vastness of things around him.

When a person weighs up everything, he will realise that something is missing. He will ask himself: ‘What is the explanation for this life; what is the purpose of living?’ This is where FAITH begins. He will realise that there must be some great mysterious power behind existence, something which controls the harmony and sequence of events; something behind the mere dust and materialism of this world.

The Need To Worship

Man will then look for something above himself worthy to worship and believe in. This is the amazing spiritual nature of man, which makes him unique and also makes him accountable. It is the inner discussion he has with his own soul, which distinguishes the human being from the animals. If he is guided, he will find the One True God, and will fulfil his need to worship by believing in Him and obeying the Divine Inspiration sent by Him. This is basically the meaning of Islam; surrender to the Lord and Sustainer of the Universe – Allah.