In Islam, clothing has two purposes; to cover the body and to modestly beautify one’s appearance. Men are to dress modestly, not imitating women. Women’s clothing must cover all of the body including the head, and should not be tight or transparent.

For a Muslim, there are two types of food and drink; Halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful). Unlawful, forbidden (Haram) food and drink includes:

  • Meat from dead animals that died naturally through accidents [except fish], or by strangling, falling, beating, or being killed by wild animals.
  • Blood that has poured forth (as distinguished from the blood adhering to flesh or organs).
  • Flesh of swine, such as bacon or pork, including all products and by-products (lard, pepsin, gelatin, etc.) prepared from swine.
  • Food upon which any other name has been invoked, besides that of God.
  • Intoxicants, including all types and varieties of alcohol and intoxicating drugs.

The Islamic method of slaughtering an animal or bird follows these steps: First, the Muslim mentions God’s name as a reminder that God has command over the life of all creatures. Taking life from an animal or a bird is done by God’s permission and should be for the purpose of obtaining food.