One Beginning

Everybody who comes into the world has to make sense of it for their own security and peace of mind. The Universe is a very big place, and it’s easy to get lost. I was no different.  The Universe consists of billions of galaxies and each galaxy has an uncountable number of stars. This alone should be enough for us to ponder. Yet in addition to the vast expanding heavens, we observe the radiance of the earth and its kaleidoscope [Read More]

The Guides

The journey to the Truth is not something that can be easily achieved without Divine assistance. There are too many pitfalls and multitudes of diversions. How can every individual – six billion in number – have direct access to God’s Presence and knowledge and still hold onto the precious rope of Oneness? What if a person confuses his own subjective desires with that of the universal Will? This is where the dangers of multiplicity and the emergence of differences and separation [Read More]

The Road

The world is a place of transition, full of examples. Be pilgrims therein, and take warning from the traces of those that have gone before. [6] To understand the Road, we must know first of all where we come from and where we’re going. The straightest path will be literally the clearest and the most direct way with the least danger. The answer to this has been explained in the Qur’an: Verily! We all come from God, and to Him [Read More]

The Obstacles

God has said: Surely, Satan is your enemy, so take him on as an enemy. Indeed, he invites his party to become the companions of the inferno. [11] We know that the Road to the eternal garden of bliss has traps and obstacles been laid by our arch enemy, the unseen entity who we know by the name of Shaytan. To vanquish any enemy, we need to know his strategy so that we can effectively counteract his evil designs. God [Read More]

The Beyond

Now it is time to discuss the important issue of what lays beyond the end of the Road. The combined understanding of both science and religion tells us that one day the human race shall cease to exist on this planet. What happens after that is what they may dispute. But as for people who have been following the Divine path, they have foreknowledge that on a certain day – hidden by God and known only to Him – every [Read More]